Al Fresco Springs 1


The first of our two resorts, Al Fresco Springs 1 (Al Fresco 1 for short) opened in August 2016 (and renovated in late 2018). This private resort is located right beside the larger and newer Al Fresco Springs 2, both sharing the same spectacular view and cozy atmosphere.

All of its 4 bedrooms (which includes the accessible senior room on the ground floor) are air-conditioned and equipped with full bathrooms.

The main area by the pool features plenty of seats and tables, along with two flat-screen TVs - one for the videoke machine and one for cable television.

Al Fresco 1 offers various amenities that will surely make for a comfortable and memorable experience.

3 + 1 senior room

4 full + powder room

20 pax

Adult (4.5ft) & Kiddie (3ft)

Complimentary Wi-Fi

Up to 20 pax

- Videoke

- Basic cable TV

- Amazon Prime Video

- Refrigerator

- BBQ grill

- Ice chest/cooler

- Generator

- Gas stove

- Hot & Cold water dispenser

Sleeping Arrangements

Second floor

2 × bunk bed (double)

Total Capacity: 8
Attached bathroom: Yes

2 × bunk bed (double)

Total Capacity: 8
Attached bathroom: Yes

2 × bunk bed (double)

Total Capacity: 8
Attached bathroom: Yes
Ground floor

1 × Double bed
1 × folding bed

Total Capacity: 3
Attached bathroom: Yes


Al Fresco Springs consists of three private hot spring resorts in Los Baños, Laguna. The municipality is situated near Pansol, Calamba, and is nestled between the picturesque Mount Makiling and the beautiful Laguna de Bay. We pride ourselves in the various amenities we offer and in the cleanliness, comfort, and security of our resorts.


Lakewood Subdivision, Lot 28 Block 30, Tom's Creek St. Brgy Tadlac, Los Baños, 4030 Laguna, Philippines

GLOBE - 0977 829 7979
SMART - 0920 901 4040

[email protected]